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The Temporary Business Energy Relief Scheme Closing Date (TBESS) –

The Temporary Business Energy Relief Scheme is closing its doors for applicants on May 31st. The scheme has provided business with much needed to relief to high energy bills. If your business has not yet availed of the scheme, we’ve outlined out how to apply and start saving now.

Checklist -

TBESS is a government initiative aimed at easing the burden of high energy costs for businesses. It offers financial relief for commercial energy bills, including electricity and gas expenses. If you’re eligible, you can save a significant portion of your energy costs through the grant. The scheme covers 40% of the increases in energy bills during specific claim periods.

To avail of the TBESS grant, eligible businesses need to follow a straightforward process, which is outlined on revenue’s website. The key qualifiers are meeting Revenues qualification of business type and being able to demonstrate a 50% increase in electricity and gas bills.

In order to check your eligibility, you will need your energy bills for the months of:

  • September 21 – May 22
  • September 22 – May 23 is here to assist eligible businesses in availing the grant. Contact us today to check your eligibility. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to save money on your commercial energy costs. Act now and secure your financial relief with by your side.

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