We work with clients closely to ensure that they reduce costs by making informed decisions.

Part of our service is to establish a risk management plan based on data and market information – we monitor risks and opportunities in order to reach short-term and long-term goals.

Much of the risk management process is based around the need to plan ahead based on relatively fixed costs. If your budgets are not flexible, we will recommend a fixed price over an agreed time period to ensure that you can plan ahead and manage budgets effectively but there is a risk that prices may go down and you will miss out on savings. Similarly, if your business model is more fluid, the opportunity to make savings increases but there is also a risk that prices could go up. It is our job to analyse the risks for your company.

Managing cash-flow for a company or organisation is easier when monthly utility costs are on a fixed rate. We can work with you to develop a fixed cost structure for your utilities so that you can budget for the future with confidence. Alternatively, if your company is open to handling fluctuating costs if gives our team the opportunity to be more flexible when trading on your behalf and very often significant savings can be made. However, there is always a risk that prices will be inflated by external or environmental factors outside of our control. The team at Cost.ie will work with you to decide what suits your company culture best – risk management is a vital part of the service we provide and it is customised for each client.