Keeping up with changes in the energy market is what we do.

The team are continuously analysing the market trends, prices and all developments in the industry. A plan that works for one company may not work for another –it depends on your usage, reporting requirements, etc. our team will work with your organisation to find options that are specific to your needs.

Anyone can do research if they have the time, but it’s knowing how to interpret the information that makes a valuable addition to your procurement team.

The principal foundation of economics is the management of supply and demand and like so many other consumables the price of electricity, natural gas, coal and more recently renewable energy are based on supply and demand for the resource. As Ireland has limited natural resources in this area, when predicting prices it is important to consider International legislation, freight and distribution costs, political unrest and social influences.

Many companies now see their role in protecting the environment as a core principal and include it as part of their mission statement rather than as an obligation – this may affect their choice of energy and indeed their choice of supplier.

Our team of expert traders make informed decisions based on all these factors.