The needs of our clients come first and we offer consistent and reliable support in relation to your energy accounts.

Providing good customer service is extremely important to us and we strive to make the process as effortless for clients as possible.

Many of our Account Managers have worked for one or more of the larger utility companies and have a unique insight into the industry ‘norms’. Having this inside knowledge on our side puts us in a much better position to negotiate on your behalf.

Of course, getting the best unit rate for your utilities is only one way to reduce your costs, ensuring that your business premises are energy efficient is another. Our team of environmental and energy surveyors will work with your facilities or plant manager to introduce good working practices and energy efficient processes that will reduce usage and further decrease costs.

The level of support and frequency of reporting required also varies form business to business so each plan is tailored to your needs and agreed in advance with your account manger. If your needs change we are only a phone call away.